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We offer real attention, engagement and authentic commitment to our client’s success.

We operate with a capped number of contracts and ensure that the same level of attention and premium service is provided to all of our clients across South East Queensland.

COVID-19 sanitisation and risk management for your staff and business

Priority One Holdings are aware of the challenges facing businesses from the Covid-19 virus. We understand this is an unprecedented and evolving situation and we are actively pursuing the most up to date information to inform our cleaning and safety procedures.

As a matter of best practice, we require our employees to follow strict protocols implemented by the Australian government to protect our clients and staff from further spread of the virus. All of our staff have certification from the Australian government in Infection and Control which was made available in the wake of the virus. In order to protect your staff and business, our COVID-19 specialist cleaning team can be deployed to your location to completely sanitise your common and office areas, high contact surface points or a complete sanitisation of your commercial building, based upon recommendations made by the World Health Organisation to further protect your business and employees.

Please contact us to discuss a customised solution to suit your needs and together meet these challenges head on.

Sustainable solutions for sustainable companies

Priority One Holdings recognise the importance of implementing valuable long-term corporate responsibility and strategic management for both clients and key stakeholders. Providing solutions that reflect our commitment to sustainable practices and initiatives is a key driver of our long-term planning.

We utilise the latest technologies, products and methods to achieve this outcome and tailor all of our services to suit each client and their premises.

Other initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • The use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic chemicals and cleaning products
  • Minimisation of paper cleaning products
  • Recycling initiatives for clients
  • Reduced water usage on sites

Customer Service and Reporting

Our digital reporting system is an app based software which is accessed via mobile phone or iPad. Reports will be sent in accordance with the specifications of the contract. This includes information regarding day to day operations, periodicals and any other priority issues emerging on the site which are to be addressed.

Workplace Health and Safety

Safety is paramount above all other concerns. All of our team are trained in the correct manner in which to perform their daily tasks. All staff are required to adhere to safety and quality protocols which are designed to protect our clients, staff, members of the public and property. We make it our number one priority to ensure the safe commission of works on our client’s sites. Priority One Holdings have developed our workers safety handbook which is incorporated as part of our Integrated Management System (IMS) that observes industry and legislative standards.

Risk Mitigation and Training

Safety and managing risk is an important dimension of our business. Effective management of risk comes down to the quality of training of staff and effective implementation of processes and procedures. When our staff commence employment, they are trained with regard to areas of risk that will emerge during the course of their execution of duties. As a matter of necessity, our staff are instructed in the correct usage of our equipment, chemicals and related machine tools. Staff have accessed to personal protective equipment, material safety data sheets and safe work method sheets for all possible work. We also conduct Police backgrounds checks on all team members.

Your Company. Our Priority.

For more information on our policies and procedures, please contact us on 0413 174 047 or info@priorityoneholdings.com for a tailored cleaning solution.